Neeti - A Life Reimagined

Neeti - A Life Reimagined

In her mid-thirties, you would hope that a woman has found her path and is making a life for herself. You would hope that she is getting to live or achieve her dreams. However, that is not the case for Neeti. Growing up knowing that she will not be able to ever live, what we consider a “normal” life was the reality for her. She was groomed at a young age to use her body as a way of making money to get through the day after day. She has no family to rely on and the community she is a part of, sees her as a means to an end. That is what her body was, a means to an end. An end where she would be able to make just enough money to buy her some food for the night but not enough to build her a shelter.

Neeti’s house was made of three brick walls with no door, no stable roof and a communal bathroom to use. She had a small brick stove and a cot to sleep on.

When she heard about the Hope Village, she came to find some help. There, she met with the staff and other women with similar stories and for the first time, saw an opportunity to work and earn a respectful wage.

Neeti now works at Hope Village and takes care of the cattle. She has a community of women she can befriend and has found hope in the midst of her crisis. Her prayers for a better life have been answered.

The Hope Village staff went to her small abode with supplies and built her a stable tin roof and are now in the process of helping her build that little space into one that she can proudly call home.

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