Life Center Academy

Life Center Academy

Life Center Academy started as a small ministry where members of the local church used to go out into the tent homes and talk to the kids and teach them some English. Kids that were growing up on the streets, rag picking to make some money and scrounging for food and heat so that they may see another day.

Soon this ministry turned into an evening school for these kids. Some place they could experience the love of Christ while learning bits and pieces of school subjects.

A few months later, the decision was made to bring these kids to the church campus were they could start to get a more proper education. The community, hesitant at first, soon agreed to this. They too saw an opportunity for their children to have a better future than the one they would be able to provide.

Soon the school got state certified and also started a feeding program for the children who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to eat a healthy meal.

Today, there have been about a 100 LCA graduates who have gone to higher education that now get to pursue their dreams. They now have the opportunity to become anything that they want to. They get to stop living on the streets, begging for food and get to wear uniforms, sweaters, eat healthy meals and dream of a bright future.

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